Services Medical

We create presentations that include medical strategies in line with the collection of product-spesific scientific data.We provide medical competition strategy creation services within ethical limits by making medical analysis of competitor products.During all these medical meetings,we offer you the services of preparing ,editing, documenting and translating the speech notes into the requerid language.

Services Marketing

In the line with medico-marketing strategies of related products,we offer you the services of preparing promotinal brochures, producing orginal presentations and material content for doctors and pharmacists. We follow the congress procesess foryou and increase your awareness with our unique desings specific to your company.

Services Digital Solutions

We offer you medical solutions with our web page desings, digital projects, scientific text translations and medical wrinting services.

Services Quality

We provide services fort he establishmend of quality systems, evolution of the existing system, internal auditing and reporting, as well as providing support to the company in planning the necassary arrangements in the detected findings and closing the nonconformities ,if any.

Services Education

We can offer you the strategic and therapeutic training of the product for sales,marketing and medical teams.We offer you English and Turkish presentation skills, scientific discussion managment, determinetion and preparation of presentation content, literature reading and interpretation,personal development training.